What makes people confused when they play Blackjack in i poker88 is the basic strategy they must use based on the current condition they get.

Know When to Use Double Down Method in Blackjack

Blackjack is the complicated game you need to master. Basically, the method to play the game and also the rules are so easy to understand. However, what makes it hard for beginners to win this game is because of the basic strategy. This is the key to win Blackjack in poker88. But you need to know that there are so many basic strategies they need to do and they have to understand the current situation or condition on their own game at that time if they want to win.

What is Double Down in Blackjack?

When you play Blackjack, there are so many strategies you need to employ on the game to give the players advantage and also increase the winning chance in this game. Many top Blackjack variations can be found in poker88 sites and those will offer you the chance to double down. If you use the feature, you may improve the payouts in the end of the game if you win by using the winning hands. However, the new players should understand this method before using it because it can intimidate them as well on the opposite.

New players or beginners somehow don’t understand or know when they must use the option that will lead them to the fund depletion since it requires more betting amount additionally. When you want to double, the sensation is just like raising in Texas Holdem. If you want to win more chips on the round, you have to bet more by raising the stake at that time. Doubling down is no exception since you have to do the same thing but in the different game choice. You need to know the best condition to do it.

There are wrong and right conditions where you have to use this kind of option. Ideally, you will use the double down feature if you have 11 in your hand as the value. Over 50% of the standard deck cards are worth the value of 8 and more. So, there is about 50% of the chance to create the value of 19 or better. Regardless of the shown cards on the game by dealer, you have to double any hand with the total value of 11. When you only have 10 or less in value, it is not the good situation for you.

How to Double Down Properly in Blackjack

The condition at that time is so weak for you to keep doubling down the bet. In this case, you have to double down when the dealer has the weak cards only. If dealer has the stronger cards than yours, it is better not to double down or even try to do something more dangerous using the rest of the strategies. If you have 10 or less in your value, then you can double down in this game if the dealer has less than yours such as 9. In different cases, it is better for you to double down than split.

It is true with the pair of 5s in your cards. Instead of splitting the value, you can double your hand that has 10 as the value. Mostly, people that have 10 will split the cards. In this game, if the dealer shows ace, it will be counted as 11 automatically. If the players have 9 as the value, they have to double when the dealer has 6 or less. The weakest card dealer has might be 5 and 6. You can take the advantage of the situation when it is possible for you to increase the payout. As the rule, players must not double if their hand is between 8 or less and also 12 or more.

Doubling down will require the additional wager and most people might be so worried to spend their money. However, the positive side is you can get more since this bet is so profitable for you when you use the method at the right time and in the right condition. By knowing the right time to double and also learn the weak hands of dealer, the players can be in the best position on the table and you will get more opportunities to collect the winnings. This strategy can be used in all Blackjack variations.

Doubling down can be said as the most powerful option when you use it correctly. However, you need to have more money on the game if you want to be successful in using this technique. Once you master the ways correctly, it is so easy for you to get the money prize in poker88.